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The Cabins

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Our cabins lodge up to 6 people. They have been built in rustic country décor, with pine ceilings and eucalyptus round logs. The floors are made of brick, covered with a special floor polish. For the cold winter nights, each cabin is equipped with a fireplace. All the furniture in the kitchen and in the bedrooms is made of burnt pine wood, thus reflecting the Andean style characteristic of the region. Each cabin has two bedrooms (a double room and a room with two bunk beds), a wide bathroom, and a dining room with an integrated kitchen. Outside each cabin there is a one-car garage and a wide private garden where you can enjoy the sun and the fresh air, and eat a delicious “asado” (barbecue) prepared on the “churrasquera” (grill). We also have a fully equipped cabin for disabled people. Each cabin bears the name of a native bird, as for example the “tero” (South American lapwing), the “zorzal” (thrush), the “calandria” (calandra lark) and the “bolita de fuego” or “churrinche”. Because they live in a quiet environment where nature is well preserved, you can easily see those beautiful birds flying in the surroundings of the cabins.