Cabañas Anqui

Anqui Cabins


Andean style Cabins

Anqui Complex features cabins equipped to accommodate up to 6 and 8 people. They have been built in rustic country décor, with pine ceilings and eucalyptus round logs. The floors are made of brick, covered with a special floor polish. For the cold winter nights, each cabin is equipped with a fireplace. All the furniture in the kitchen and in the bedrooms is made of burnt pine wood, thus reflecting the Andean style characteristic of the region.

Anqui Cabins also features a cabin specially designed and fully equipped  for disabled people.

Our Cabins

Each cabin bears the name of a native bird, as for example the “tero” (South American lapwing), the “zorzal” (thrush), the “calandria” (calandra lark). Because they live in a quiet environment where nature is well preserved, you can easily see those beautiful birds flying in the surroundings of the cabins.

The Calandrias

With pine wood ceilings and eucalyptus logs, this cabin combines rusticity with modern comfort.

The Teros

A perfect retreat in nature. Wooden ceilings and brick-coated floors, this cabin offers comfort and authenticity.

The Zorzales

Unique in the area with these features, it provides and ensures comfort and accessibility.

Main Amenities


We have a cabin specially designed and equipped for people with disabilities.

Wi-fi Internet

Even in the seclusion of the mountains, we understand that staying connected to the world is important.

Pet friendly

Pets are welcome, with care taken inside and outside the cabins.

Breakfast supplies

Upon your arrival, you will find a courtesy kit so you can prepare your breakfasts during your stay.


The cabins are equipped with gas heaters with balanced flue and a wood-burning stove.


We provide sheets, towels, and bath towels for each guest.


Each cabin has two bedrooms (a double room and a room with two bunk beds), a wide bathroom, and a dining room with an integrated kitchen. Outside each cabin there is a one-car garage and a wide private garden where you can enjoy the sun and the fresh air, and eat a delicious “asado” (barbecue) prepared on the “churrasquera” (grill).

To ensure you stay warm during the Mendoza winter, all rooms are equipped with gas heating. In the kitchen and dining area, you will find a fireplace (you can buy firewood at the local stores). Enjoy entertainment with satellite TV and stay connected with Wi-Fi. In the bathroom, you will find essentials such as toilet paper and hand soap. Additionally, each cabin is equipped with a gas stove and water heater, and a refrigerator with freezer. We look forward to welcoming you soon to our nature retreat!


  • Gas Stove
  • Refrigerator with Freezer
  • Cooking Elements
  • Full Dinnerware
  • Cooking Supplies
  • Water Dispenser


  • Gas Heating with Balanced Flue Heater in All Rooms
  • Fireplace in Dining Room and Kitchen (Firewood is purchased at local stores)


  • Gas Water Heater
  • Toilet Paper and Small Hand Soap


  • Covered Parking
  • CHURRASQUERA (Barbecue Grill) and Cooking Elements
  • Satellite Television (Prepaid DIRECTV)
  • Cleaning Supplies

Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodation prices include breakfast consumables and all the amenities previously mentioned in said section. Said prices do not include the activities mentioned under the section “Activities”.  
  • Bank deposit 
  • Mercado pago
  • Cash

Cancellations on bookings will only be executed via e-mail. This condition runs for private individuals as well as for travel agencies.
If bookings are cancelled, a 20% will be withheld in case the reservation has been confirmed. A 25% will be withheld up to ten days prior entry; a 50% up to five days prior entry, and a 100% if cancellations are carried out within 48 hours prior entry to the cabins

High season: winter holidays, long weekends, summer holidays (from 20/12 to 28/02) and Holy Week (Easter)
Low season: the rest of the year

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